Tuesday, January 3, 2012

50 mm Christmas shots


The photography bonanza starts once my Dad walks in the door. Especially when he brings a wrapped 50 mm lens. Ooo lala I am in love.


I pretty much tried every cliché shot in the book this Christmas holiday.



Portraits with super low aperture. Check out the fuzzy coke can and board game. Low aperture, low.


I loved these mini camera keychains from the dollar store.  I’m sure this is what the picture would look like in a camera that small.



I’m in love with these two boys- Leo and his various scars and red nose from sticking his face on the cold sliding glass door, and John all suited up ready for the first snow fight of the year.

IMG_7584IMG_7585 (2)

I tried out of foreground and background bokeh. And blurring the main subject.


Solar flare and unique angles at the Louisville Temple.


The children’s museum took on a whole new life as I used this lens. I’ve taken so many pictures there over the last 2.5 years, it was fun to see it anew- extremely closeup, with a lot more light into the camera without having to rely on flash. A fixed lens forces you to move closer or farther away to frame the shot- forcing you to look at the scene from different angles. Not to mention maddening crowds that mean you’re squatting up close and shooting from afar at a funny angle- simply because there’s no where else to shoot.


This was the first trip where Leo was talking- Choo choo choo choo was pointed out for every train he saw- all 500 hundred of them on the lower level.


He also found a bat, um, I mean coral reef that he could clobber unsuspecting sisters with…


This was my favorite place to take a picture of Leo at the museum- the enormity of those lights, his small hand, the stretching and concentration, not to mention the hard part of getting a shot at the right angle- we were putting the camera way up high above our heads straight to his hand and trying to catch the shot above.


The carousel is always breathtaking, but even more so with a portrait lens. Leo wasn’t cranky this time around, he was in total awe of the lights and song and dancing monkey in the middle next to the organ.


On the way home Leo occupied himself for all 30 minutes with a cup and a straw and lid. It’s the little things.


I made a yummy breakfast the last day my family was here- and my mom totally made fun of me for taking these shots. Whatever lady, this is exactly what my food looks like to Carrie in her 10 am wakeup daze. Yummo. (Orange poppy seed muffins and Pampered Chef Hashbrown Breakfast Bake, if you’re wondering)

IMG_7866. IMG_7867

Last but not least I made a little bokeh filter to putz around with. The first one was a flower to take a picture of the Christmas tree. Love it. IMG_7897

Hooray for new toys!

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Tara said...

So fun! I spent waaay too much time on Kristen Duke's website- thanks for the link! We're headed to Incredible Pizza next week, but don't expect my shots to be as cool as yours :)

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