Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December crazies- John’s Birthday, Lily’s Birthday, Dance Recital




I’m getting nuttin for Christmas, Mommy and Daddy are mad. I’m getting nuttin for Christmas cuz I ain’t been nothing but bad.

I spilled the flour all over the kitchen. Somebody snitched on me!

I stole the cups to box with my sister. Somebody snitched on me!

I poked everything Mamma cooked. Somebody snitched on me!


I took apart the dishwasher to spin arm. Somebody snitched on me!

I took over the computer and shut it down. Somebody snitched on me!


I dump every bowl on top of my head. Somebody snitched on me!

I stayed in my pj’s until time to go to bed again! Somebody snitched on me!

Good thing I’d already bought them presents!


For John’s Birthday we had a mini party- complete with target shooting for his gift (which was hunting accessories).


His German chocolate cake was delicious…we ate it for days and days and days….

For Lily Bug’s Birthday we went to Monkey Joe’s, a play place. It was great, traffic non withstanding.


This was the best picture I got of the girls. They could care less that I was there.


Leo loved the balloon on Lily’s package. And Jonah loves his powerade. Lily’s party was the perfect start to our Christmas vacation. Hooray for Birthdays!

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