Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dino Hats and Ruffly Scarves


For Christmas I made up some Scarves. Ruffly ones. Basically a basting stitch down the middle, and gather and you’re done! I made pink and purple ones for each of my Beehives….(that’s 10!) and some white and black ones for my sisters in law and older nieces. Hope they’ve gotten their presents by now! If not, hope you like it, ladies!

For my sister, her boyfriend, and my little nieces and nephews we made some dino hats. Leo’s is a little bit small. I’m hoping the other kids in my family have small heads!


I made up a larger one for Leo and have yet to take a picture of him in it, and one for Sophia, that was supposed to be a unicorn, but the ears went on backwards….let’s just say, I am no longer the invincible seamstress in her eyes. Sad day. At least I’m still Carrie’s hero.


Hooray for fleece and hats!

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