Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Desktop Family Scrapbook- and a obvious tutorial


This year I did two editions of the family calendar- One focused on just my family and my siblings with us on vacation, and one with John’s side of the family- where we were just on one page, rather than all 12.


The Ingram family calendar has all the great pictures I took this year in one place, my backup plan if I never get to scrapbook this year. It takes me a couple hours to go through all my pictures, stick them in a publisher document, and do an auto calendar for the side. I usually sort pictures by season or kid, then do pages based around a vacation, a photo shoot, or a kid (each kid has their birthday month as a minimum). I like having enough space for the nicer pictures, or a bunch of small shots that are funny or telling, but not perfect. This calendar is 8.5 by 11.


This year for the Daley family scrapbook I switched things up. I made it half size, did 12 pages, some holiday, most family pictures of each of John’s siblings, with their family year in review above. I added a page at the end with birthdays and anniversaries listed by month.

IMG_7474 (2)


There’s a plastic cover for the front so it stays semi protected while not in use.


The main innovation was an extra full sized page on the back, folded so it could have a stand and sit on your desktop.

I also formatted the family letters so you could hold the back page up, and see the family summary while looking at their pictures. I think most people will have the top page down on the back side and not keep it facing up- it looks silly to me in the above picture.


Here’s how you fold the extra page for a stand-


Just a reminder- the book is half page sized (8.5 by 5.5) , the extra page is full page sized (8.5 by 11)


Fold the page in half over the front of the book


Accordion fold it back two more times, in thirds, Then prop the book up, you can stick some of the pages under the final flap to keep it stable. It’s not very hard, you could glue it, but I didn’t think that was necessary.

Hooray for family pictures and calendars!

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