Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book Worms


Natalie and I spent way too much time in Half Priced Books last week. We found so many good books at super low prices- and even a paperback Barbie book that I can force my kids into slavery to earn. Um, I mean incentivize them with.



See all those clearance stickers? None of my books cost over 2 dollars. Now where can I find some free time? I just finished our February book club book, Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. Not a plot driven but character development driven book. It’s about two couples who are friends from their young assistant days, about their friendship, their trials, and how they all face one of the spouses battling cancer. I saw parts of myself in the characters, yet some of it was so foreign to me. The scenery and summer home in the book made me want to be rich and home a summer home and raise my kids in the woods. I’d recommend it if you want to ponder yourself and your spouse and how you value life and friendship.


And these pictures have nothing to do with books. Leo does love books these days. But he’s turning into quite a little character around here.



I  am in love with so many little things about this guy- the way he laughs when he sees an animal, the way he holds his bagel so proper, the way he scowls at me in the mornings when he’s still tired.


Recently he’s given to impersonating me doing kickboxing- he likes to cast spells with his fork and yell at the top of his lungs to us at the table, usually about when the girls are in fits of giggles about something. His intensity is hilarious to us all- and he will smile after his spells and punches to show he’s in on the joke. Man I love this kid.

Hooray for books. And kids, who are the best characters I know.

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