Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve and Morning…straight into New Year’s Eve!


This Christmas there was lots of movie watching….my kids finally think Charlie Brown is funny!


We had our family and friends over for Christmas eve. The Daleys…

IMG_7349 (2)

and the Adams made our feast full of laughter and lively discussion.


Jonah showed us how to use the Iphone…while all the other kids ransacked the upstairs and wore themselves out.

IMG_7355 (2)

After everyone went home we read the Christmas story and I went to look for the Christmas eve present, at which Sophia said “I hope it’s not pajamas, I hate that….when it’s pajamas!” Sorry kiddo…. she was pleasantly surprised that they were night gowns. (Made em myself! ) IMG_7378

And this was the best picture I got. Poor bubba would stand in place then I couldn’t get the girls to look natural, and by the time they were smiling and not being supermodels, Leo was running away.

Christmas morning brought all the good stuff… exercise equipment, movies, books, crafts, stacking toys….but none of them compare to the big present under the tree……


Guitars! One for each kid. Leo LOVES them, and John’s pretty excited about the family band he’s going to have. I guess next year I’ll be getting a tambourine so I can play with them too.


Natalie’s most exciting present was one from her grandparents- A veterinarian kit. It has everything- a scale, a clipboard, various instruments, vitamins, lab coat, even dorky glasses…



She kept telling me all day long- “Mom, if you forget who I am, just look at my name tag. Dr. Natalie. Veterinarian.”

I found a 5 dollar air hockey set for my mom. She loved it. You just have to play on a table with raised sides….which basically means an air hockey table, lol. So when John played with my mom it was 2 plays then retrieve the puck.


We also had lots of quality time doing puzzles with Aunt Carrie (8 in all, 100 piece minimum!) . I think I’m going to start doing a hard puzzle during conference- it can keep my kids attention (and mine) for hours.


Leo really bonded with Grandpa while John was on his YM camping trip. He would bring his blanket to Grandpa and snuggle up while Dad was watching football or editing photos.

Natalie also had some time to pretend to be me while I was at the temple with John. And we rung in the new year with a party at noon, the day my parents left.


Nothing says “Happy New Year” like an oatmeal square. Hooray for Holidays!

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