Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Incredible Pizza Company!


During my parent’s visit we went to the Incredible Pizza Company in Greenwood. We had a late breakfast, so we went around 1 pm and then had a late lunch at their pizza buffet, played every game in the place, then had a dinner at the buffet again (don’t worry, we picked different junk food for our second meal and they have a huge salad buffet) then went home. They run a deal for 22 dollars per person- unlimited buffet and drinks, 2 hours of attractions (bowling, go karts, mini golf, bumper cars, laser tag) and 10 dollars on your game card. 2 hours was just enough for all the attractions, and between the 7 of us that was 70 dollars worth of games- it was great. Definitely a place to go on a date night or with your extended family- especially if someone is feeling generous. They have youth nights with a 15 dollar fee to play- I’d recommend it for all my young women.


The go karts took forever and then you only got 7 laps. I was lucky enough to beat that punk 11 year old and my sister who got a dud cart. So sad.


Sophia liked learning mini golf and seeing what she might look like in 10 years. Natalie loves the animals- of course.


I love this picture because this is my Dad’s ornery face- when he’s concentrating, or if you give him sass. Either way you get that accompanied with a distinctive pig noise. Love him.


Carrie rocked at the laser jump. I went in with Natalie. Failed miserably.


John spent pretty much the whole time with Leo getting their electronics fix. Leo loves buttons. So it was pretty much his paradise.


I loved the bumper cars- you could go different directions and bump into people, or just spin in circles. And the music was pumping, so we danced. A little.


The mini bowling was so much fun- you can really make those little balls fly. Especially when you have great form like John is demonstrating. We went bowling recently with friends, so my girls knew the drill and were stoked to get spares and strikes. They had a 1 minute second timer on each player’s turn too so it went really quick.


Leo’s favorite ride. And his favorite thing- a huge button to press. And hit.

IMG_7665 (2)


Last but not least we played laser tag. At first Sophia was scared. But once she realized we were spies trying to find the other team, she got way into it and was shooting everything she saw. I thought the course was too small with too many people in side. Once someone was shot they would just walk around, so there were people just walking around all the time rather than being stealthy. I think I would have liked a course better that requires a goal in mind- capture the flag or something of the like.

Fun times. Hooray for Electronics and Pizza Buffets!

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