Friday, January 27, 2012

Super City Super Bowl Pictures- Indianapolis

Did you hear? The super bowl’s in 10 days. You might not care so much, but around here, it’s bit news. Tonight the super bowl village downtown opened. John and I went for our date, got some King David’s dogs, a hot chocolate and cake at South Bend Chocolate company, and had a fun time people watching. It seemed like mostly Indy folks out tonight- lots of colts gear.



Conseco is now Banker’s Life.


A horseshoe light! People on stilts!


An ice sculpture. Pretty amazing with all the colors.


Ice bar back drop.



The zipline everyone was waiting in line for hours to do. But only 10 bucks a person!

Around 7:00 some loud music started coming from one end of the village…and who do you know, the only Jersey Shore tv star with a marketable skill was there….spinning some obnoxious dance music.


His hair was the most amazing part. It looks like a ken doll’s plastic coif. He should really have a hair gel line. Not pictured- all the 15 year old girls freaking out about seeing someone they’ve seen on Mtv. I think it would be awesome to see his computer though- I bet he’s got some amazing mixing software on there.



At circle center they have a huge light show that plays music and audio clips from past Super Bowls.


And there were race cars for all the NFL teams. Gotta represent the Skins.


Last stop was the South Bend Chocolate company. Amazing hot chocolate, and great Raspberry mousse. I saw this gem of “cheesecake on a stick.” Covered in chocolate. I’m guessing it’s frozen and then dipped? Either way, this would be great for a grownup summer party.

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